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Project Design

Fire protection engineers must be involved in all aspects of the design in order to ensure a reasonable degree of protection of human life from fire and the products of combustion as well as to reduce the potential loss from fire (i.e., real and personal property, information, organizational operations). Planning for fire protection in/around a building involves knowing the four sources of fire: natural, manmade, wildfire and incidental and taking an integrated systems approach that enables the designer to analyze all of the building’s components as a total building fire safety system package.

Zetas Construction Materials is able to complete all project, design and calculation studies within its own structure with its experienced staff in design and project planning.
While designing and projecting works, international standards such as NFPA, FM, EN, ISO are taken as basis.

Our engineering services are including;

Pre-site exploration studies by our fire systems design specialist engineers with pre-design architectural projects and on-site examination of the details,

Determination of department by section risk groups in accordance with the usage characteristics of the facilities according to local regulations and international standards,

Designing suitable systems with approved products according to the determined risk groups and performing optimization studies,

Creating fire scenarios and including additional measures according to customer expectations,

Engineering calculations (hydraulic calculations) of the designed systems.