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A pipe support or pipe hanger is a designed element that transfer the load from a pipe to the supporting structures.

Modular Support Systems

Support system in generating innovations and solutions to our region from Turkey with angled Link, PROLINK offers PROCON and new PROMEGA Systems solutions with the industry’s most extensive system in this issue.

PROLINK will provide you faster, cost effective solutions which means revolution in support systems. When technical help needed LINk engineers, with a Professional approach, will produce the economic and effective solutions for you. LINK will continue to produce new solutions and ideas for you to work easler,faster and safer.

PROCON is an excellent selection for industrial and heavy load system applications with its high loading capacity. It was designed as a reliable and practical solution fort he applications which need high load capacity. With many kinds of connection elements, although it presents all necessary solutions for all types of constructions, it provides much more faster and cleaner mounting advantage when compared with generally used welded steel construction productions.

PROMEGA Heavy Duty Structural Profiles

ProMEGA is a new design product line that provides fast and reliable system solution in every application where heavy construction pipelines and equipment are required, also suspension and support constructions.

Fast and reliable installation is possible with the guide bolts which do not require welding manufacturing in the site area. Through self-opening bolts of their own teeth on the profile, extra nut does not require the use of other products, and provides high resistance to vibration dissolution.

ProMega standard coating has hot dip galvanized profile system, when used as a whole, can provide over 50% product and workmanship advantages over conventional solutions.


  • Quick and easy installation with self- threading bolt.
  • No welding process and reusable after disassembly.
  • Lightweight and strong design due to section form.
  • Connection in three-axis.
  • Long lasting due to high quality with hot dip galvanzed coating.
  • Production at factory level
  • Optimum solution with engineering service.
  • Compatible with all LINK products.

Installation Systems

Today’s buildings are being constructed higher gradually, accordingly solving how to make the connections of mechanical installation to the structures creates serious problems for sanitary engineers. The thermal motion affects of pipes which move inside the structure or roof horizontally and perpendicularly only except their weights, contraction of the building during the time ( elongation affects ), stabilization solutions against earthquake loads are being made by LINK Project group.

Today, LINK which has the product range to respond all requirements at the connection point of the mechanical installation to the structure are designing and producing solutions which are devoted to the requirements under project base. LINK produces user friendly, fast, economical solutions with its innovative point of view.