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Fire pumps are used in water-based fire protection systems. They help to distribute water throughout the sprinkler system so every part of the building is protected in case of a fire.

What is a Fire Pump?

A fire pump is a device used as part of a fire suppression system.

Fire pumps draw water from water sources and apply pressure to the fire piping system, allowing water to reach the fire fighting equipment.

Fire pumps are connected to the building’s water sources (eg water tank) and are automatically activated in case of fire.

Fire pumps are vital to fire extinguishing systems and ensure the safety of firefighting teams in firefighting operations.

In addition, fire pumps are a device that requires regular maintenance, and if their maintenance is neglected, their operating performance and reliability can be reduced.

Patterson Pump Company is one of the leading pump manufacturers in the world and operates widely in Turkey and nearby countries in the field of fire extinguishing system pumps.

PATTERSON fire pumps are used in many areas from industrial facilities to residences.

Patterson Pump manufactures UL/ULc listed and FM approved fire pumps in accordance with NFPA-20 standards in two different locations. (Toccoa, USA and Mullingar, Ireland).

Patterson Pump offers accurate and timely solutions with its wide product program.

Horizontal Shaft Dividable Body Fire Pumps

• Flow rate: 150 GPM – 5,000 GPM range • Pressure: up to 390 PSI (27 bar)

Two Stage Horizontal Shaft Split Body Fire Pumps for High Pressure Applications

• Flow: up to 1,000 GPM

• Pressure: up to 500 PSI (34 bar)

Vertical Shaft Line Type Fire Pumps

• Flow: up to 1,000 GPM
• Pressure: up to 145 PSI (10 bar)

End Suction Type Fire Pumps

• Flow: up to 750 GPM
• Pressure: up to 145 PSI (10 bar)

Vertical Turbine Type Fire Pumps

• Flow rate: up to 5000 GPM
• Pressure: up to 350 PSI (24 bar)