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Water-based suppression systems utilize the inexpensive and readily available medium of water to discharge onto flames through a normally fixed piping system.

Water Mist Systems for Commercial and Industrial Applications

Efficient low pressure technology to protect people, assets and the environment

Viking‘s low pressure water mist technology combines the benefits of sprinkler protection with those of the water- and space-saving aspects of low pressure water mist systems

Tested and approved: The outstanding suitability of EconAqua and ProCon has been documented through extensive fire tests and research. For commercial and industrial risks, approvals are obtained through 3rd party laboratories in accordance with recognised international standards and specifications. For example, VdS. EconAqua has been tested in accordance with EN 14972.

Benefits of EconAqua low pressure water mist:

• Lower cost than high pressure alternatives

• Smaller tanks for stored water mean lower metering costs

• Because of the lower water flow during system activation, smaller pumps optimize energy performance

• Smaller pipe diameters mean less material usage

• In the case of a fire, the lower water consumption of water mist systems means less water damage and reduced downtime, reducing the risk of business interruption significantly