Meiser Izgara


  • Mesh size
  • Cross bars
  • Bearing bars
  • Banding bars
  • Mesh width =
  • Mesh spacing =
  • Angle collar
  • Notching
  • Cut-outs
  • Bottom support


MEISER is one of the world’s leading companies in the fields of gratings, profile planking, stair systems and GRP systems. The two parent companies in Germany are located in Saarland and Vogtland. These are complemented by numerous other production sites and branches worldwide. Through innovative manufacturing processes and qualified staff MEISER offers consistently high quality around the globe. A comprehensive sales network always enables personal and reliable support from planning to the realization of large and small customer projects. We are very happy if we can count you among our customers – you can count on us!

Mesh size: Mesh size is largely determined by the way the mesh is configured – i.e. depending on the different spaces which the bearing bar (T) and the cross bar (F) can take.

Cross bars: At right angles to the bearing bars, the cross bars connect the bearing bars with one another in that they are pressed and/or welded at the intersection points.

Bearing bars: In parallel with one another from one rest to the next, the bearing bars are the load carrying flat bars set out perpendicularly.

Banding bars: Gratings are usually banded allound by flat bar, T-shaped section or U-shaped section.

Mesh width = clear distance (a) between the bearing bar and the cross bar

Mesh spacing = measurement from axis to axis (b) for the bearing bars and cross bars

Angle collar: Is an angle welded on to the grating on one or more sides. The span of the angle should be at least bearing bar height.

Notching: Special notching on the bearing bars and banding bars in the area of the rests

Cut-outs: These are entire sections or oblique sections removed from the grating. If the length of cut is smaller than 0.5 m, we refer to them as “small” cut-outs.

Bottom support: Banding strengthened and extended upwards