• Installation Systems
  • Ventilation Systems
  • Sound and Vibration Isolation Systems
  • Seismic Restraint Systems
  • Industrial Hanger and Support Systems
  • Anchor and Fixing Systems
  • Facade Systems
  • Modular Support Systems


Installation Systems: Today’s buildings are being constructed higher gradually, accordingly solving how to make the connections of mechanical installation to the structures creates serious problems for sanitary engineers. The thermal motion affects of pipes which move inside the structure or roof horizontally and perpendicularly only except their weights, contraction of the building during the time ( elongation affects ), stabilization solutions against earthquake loads are being made by LINK Project group. Today, LINK which has the product range to respond all requirements at the connection point of the mechanical installation to the structure are designing and producing solutions which are devoted to the requirements under project base. LINK produces user friendly, fast, economical solutions with its innovative point of view.

Ventilation Systems: LINK which has determined the missing and requirements of the sector correct and on time, has started to produce Air Passage Flange Profiles again for the first time in Turkey in 1987. Today, LINK, which is the biggest producer in Turkey, at the same time is the only company which produces Air Passage Flange Profile to produce 20,25,30,35and 40 mm dimensions. By making its production in latest technological machines, It achieves the production which addresses all pressure and force classes according to “SMACNA-HVAC Duct Construction Standard” and “DW144 Specification of Sheet Metal Ductwork” which are two standards that are valid world wide.

Sound and Vibration Isolation Systems: Vibration and noise complaints which are caused by vibration, increase day by day in modem buildings and appear suddenly in front of us as a problem which is not noticed often in daily life but which is a problem that may cause discomfort for. Material toils which are caused by furtive noise pollution together with uncontrolled vibration have become a problem to be destroyed. The solution is the static and dynamic load specifications of mechanical installation with the vibration insulators which are complicated within themselves and which are needed to be determined by considering many parameters. LINK gives its technical support service fort he selection and application of these products with the project group in its structure.

Seismic Restraint Systems: The damaging effects of earthquakes are of significant concern in many areas of the world. Earthquake’s effect on the building’s concrete structure could not be very serious, effects on mechanical pipes and equipments could be very serious. These effects result in loss of life and property will result in a serious loss of prestige. Especially after the earthquake a fire protection systems to maintain the status is of great importance. The impact of the fires after the earthquake because the consequence of the earthquake is more than two times increases. All the material and moral losses in the face of a possible earthquake, with the right material without the proper engineering calculations, and most reliable way to maintain the mechanical systems and equipment. Occurring serious loss of life and property as well as mechanical installation and equipment cost is very minor earthquake protection will be obvious to us all. LINK Yapı designs seismic restiaint projects to limit movement of mechanical systems and equipments and save them. This seismic protection system is prepared for project-specific application details with calculations, the threat of life and minimizing the costs associated with long-term damage to equipment, installations, and reduces to zero.

Industrial Hanger and Support Systems: LINK uses its experience which it has gained for years in Energy production, to discover all necessary engineering solutions which are necessary for any pipe support at Petrochemical and Industrial Process plants and by associating that with its high quality product range, it shares its experiences with the implementing institutions. At the same time LINK designes and produces hanger and support solutions for each project according to its design parameters.

Anchor and Fixing Systems: LINK is the leader company in our country and area continue to locate itself as a product and system services for any special solution needs in global projects. We have strong and long life fixing solutions for all system that we supply especially Installation systems, seismic restraint systems and facade systems. Fixing systems is very critical at buildings especially in seismic zones so certificated products should be used in perfect engineering solutions.

Facade Systems: LINK, makes production of modem, sub construction connection elements for front coating pmducts (Natural Stone, Glass, Composite, GRC) with different, innovative point of view. It gives service in hanging technique with a few alternative solution focused systems. Especially in international construction market for the mounting of front systems which gain value and importance; it brings stmcture profiles inside the concrete available for all kinds of armngement, prevents deformation during mounting as a result of wall plugging technique which is made at flooring and flat concrete later, which can be connected to the fittings as an innovative anchorage solution to the sector. At project stage. At project stage a very new line has been formed at the front with the stmcture profile systems inside the concrete which will be applied with the accompaniment of the contractor and front mounting company. All technical service and pmduct selection which are necessary tor these analysis are made by the project group inside LINK’S body.

Modular Support Systems: LINK who produces innovations and solutions for hanger and support field in Turkey to this region, bring out new expansion to framing channels with PROLİNK.
PROLINK will provide you faster, cost effective solutions which means revolution in support systems.
When technical help needed LINk engineers, with a Professional approach, will produce the economic and effective solutions for you. LINK will continue to produce new solutions and ideas for you to work easier, faster and safer.