Adding value to every business

At Hempel, we work across a wide range of industries. Our knowledge and expertise are broad, but our goals always remain the same: to provide our customers with proven products and solutions that add real value. We do this by continually investing in R&D, to ensure that we are developing technology that not only furthers our customers businesses, but helps to reduce their environmental impact too. Backed by a global team, Hempel has established itself in many countries around the world. This allows us to provide our customers with customised, locally-adapted services.


Market Areas

Oil & gas: For 50 years, we have supplied corrosion-proof, high temperature-resistant, and special protective coatings for the oil & gas industry.

Chemical plants: Hempel has supplied chemical plants with anticorrosion, insulation-lining and chemical-resistant coatings for over 50 years.

Power generation: We have offered total protection suited to coal, gas, wind, hydroelectric and renewable energy plants for 40 years.

Port machinery: Hempel coatings are renowned worldwide for protecting cargo-handling equipment, maintaining port activities in active service for longer.

Infrastructure: Hempel’s intumescent fire-retardant, protective and decorative coatings are used on skyscrapers, bridges and other buildings across the globe.

Mining: Our epoxy protective coatings lend good weathering, anticorrosion, impact- and abrasion-resistant properties to the global mining industry.

Railway wagons: We can supply cost-effective, wear-resistant and water-based coating systems to suit all railway needs compliant with environmental regulations.

Water & waste: Hempel’s high-performance corrosion- and chemical-resistant primers and topcoats guarantee better service life across the water treatment industry.